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Likkle Cup Premium
Jamaican Coffee

Branding & web design for Likkle Cup, a US based importer of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Likkle Cup sells un-roasted green coffee beans by the barrel to cafés & restaurants in New York, & hosts an occasional pop-up café in Brooklyn.

A logo for Likkle Cup, showing a hand holding a small steaming coffee mug up high, with the words "raise your Likkle Cup". A logo for Likkle Cup Coffee, showing a round seal with the brand name encircling a small Jamaican flag.A series of smaller logos and graphic assets for Likkle Cup Coffee.

My task was to define a visual aesthetic for Likkle Cup that would convey the superior nature of their product & justify the premium price of this unique coffee.

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“I highly recommend consulting with Dylan prior to launching your business. He went above & beyond in researching our industry to provide added value for our marketing & ultimately delivered a premium logo & website we are very excited about!”

Gregory Bartlett
Owner, Likkle Cup Coffee
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